Ms. E. Ann Henry QC    Ms. C. Debra Burnette  



Professional Personnel – E. Ann Henry QC and C. Debra Burnette

Ms. E. Ann Henry QC is the founder of the Firm of Henry & Burnette.

Ms. Henry is among the first Antiguan women to qualify in the field of Law and to enter into practice and remain in practice in Antigua and Barbuda.

Ms. Henry qualified as a Barrister at Law & Solicitor having completed studies in Law at the University of the West Indies and the Hugh Wooding Law School. She entered into private practice in Antigua and Barbuda in November, 1983, having practiced in the Attorney General’s Chambers of the British Virgin Islands from November, 1981 to October, 1983.

Between 1983 and 1990, Ms. Henry practiced in association with the late Time H. Kendall QC., between 1987 and 1990 under the style and title of Kendall & Henry.

Thereafter, in June 1990, Ms. Henry established her own firm and practiced as a sole practitioner until December, 1997, when she practiced with junior associates under the style and title of E. Ann Henry & Associates.

Ms. C. Debra Burnette joined the firm of E. Ann Henry & Associates in October, 2000. Ms. Burnette qualified as an Attorney at Law having successfully attained the Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of the West Indies and the Certificate of Legal Education from the Council of Legal Education of the West Indies (Hugh Wooding Law School).

In October 2003, the partnership Firm of Henry & Burnette was established.

The partners see the Firm as a work in progress in that new initiatives are regularly introduced with the object of providing better service to clients in an ever changing global environment.

The Firm’s practice is a General Civil Practice blending a Solicitor’s practice in Chambers with a significant and vibrant Litigation portfolio.

Our particular areas of focus are Banking Law, Corporate Law (both domestic and international), Industrial Relations, Real Estate Law, Family Law and Civil Litigation.

The Firm is fully computerized and every effort is made to ensure speedy delivery of work without compromising on efficiency.

Emphasis has always been placed on ensuring that the Non-Professional Staff are competent and able to assist clients in obtaining information concerning their business being conducted by the Firm. This is seen as being particularly helpful to clients in the absence from Chambers of the Professional Staff, but is useful at all times.

Confidentiality of clients' business is treated as priority and is not compromised.

Efforts are made on an on-going basis to upgrade the service provided and comments and suggestions from clients are always welcomed.